Bill Martin Jr - Breakout Sessions


2:00 Afternoon Sessions 2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

in Rayburn Student Center (RSC)



SRSC Traditions 212

The Adventures of Cabo the Goat: The Story Behind the Author and Classroom Connections

Kathleen Hooten & Rebekah Jacobson

ECE (EC-6): The author will share a behind-the-scenes look into her journey as a children’s book author and how she turned her passion into reality. Attendees will receive useful ways to integrate The Adventures of Cabo the Goat into classrooms. This session is guaranteed to provide inspiration, information, and laughter.

SRSC Vision 209

The Musical Magic of Bill Martin 

Herb Parker, Jr.

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SRSC Innovations A 233

Engaging Apps for Content and Language Development

Dr. Jackie Riley, Vivian Powers, Berét Thorpe, Meshayla Campbell

ECE (EC-6), Middle Level Grades (4-8), Secondary Level Grades (8-12), Bilingual/ESL, Reading, All Levels: By pairing apps with effective teaching strategies, educators can help students to achieve both content and language objectives. The presenters will introduce and provide instructional applications for using TeleStory, Adobe Spark, Quizlet and Heads Up! in the classroom. Then, participants will experience each of the apps through an interactive demonstration.

SRSC Innovations B 233

Sculpting Play: Creating 3-Dimensional Sculptures with Storytelling

Dr. Lin Moore, Joy Bolden, Nilan Ali, Alyssa Clark, Holly Garza, Aisha Moses, Courtney Pestovich, Robin Spencer, & Madison Webb

ECE (EC-6), Bilingual/ESL, Reading: Join in the play! Plan with a small group and create 3-dimensional sculptures using inexpensive and recycled materials. Review the process and write a short story about how you made decisions and solved problems. Finally, display your finished products with pride!

SRSC Integrity 239

Building A Reggio Environment

Dr. Josh Thompson, Sadie Gamez, Dr. Martha Foote, & Dr. Nicole Pearce

ECE (EC-6), Bilingual/ESL: What goes into a space that inspires young children to wonder, to engage, to create, and make their learning visible? Come explore the Reggio-inspired emphasis on community, team-teaching, and collaboration, where multiple adults participate actively in the classroom as children explore their potential.

SRSC Dedication 273

Building A Partnership with Early Education Families through Parent Engagement

Kelly Dudley & Jesus Camposeco

ECE (EC-6): Using a variety of strategies, along with background information, participants will understand how to build positive relationships between families and educators. Parents will know how to actively participate and educators will effectively include parents in the child's education.

SRSC Pride 275

P.U.M.P. Up your Classroom Management: Discipline Strategies for Educators

Rochelle Eddy

ALL  LEVELS: Educators are only as effective as their classroom management. Learn the 4 steps to creating a successfully managed classroom that will allow more time focusing on teaching and less time focusing on behavior. Get ready to P.U.M.P. up your classroom management.

SRSC Ambition A 277A

Gifted Students Need Intervention Too!

Sandra Hogg

ALL LEVELS: This session will involve extended activities that can be used with high achieving students as well as identified gifted students. Attendees will be shown activities that can be used that allow these students to be challenged as well as give them opportunities to think deeper and increase their metacognitive skills. This population of students has needs that are sometimes overlooked and should be addressed just as the struggling student and this session will allow you to implement these activities in a fun meaningful way.

SRSC Ambition B 277B

STEM on a Budget

Felicia Young & Yolanda Lilly

Pre-K/K: Using the literature of Bill Martin Jr. and others, we will present various STEM activities that can be done in early learning classrooms on a budget. We will present various STEM activities that can be done in early learning classrooms on a budget. There will be visible activities for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The participants really enjoy having visuals as we discuss the aspects of the presentation.

SRSC Legacy A 279A


Literacy Sponsorship with Creative Writing--Reaching English Language Learners with Creative Writing and the use of Literacy Narrative

Laura K. Hume

ECE (EC-6), Middle Level Grades (4-8), Secondary Level Grades (8-12), Bilingual/ESL, Reading, All Levels, Special Education: Become a literacy sponsor to an English Language Learner. Integrate creative writing into your ESL lessons and use creative literacy narrative to workshop with students on their language development.

Moderator: Dr. Kathy Dixon

Legacy B 279B

Social and Emotional Learning for a Healthy Classroom Environment

Laurie Taylor

ECE (EC-6), Middle Level Grades (4-8), Bilingual/ESL: This session would address pedagogy and classroom management through the lens of socially and emotionally healthy instructional strategies and suggestions for a healthy classroom environment.

Moderator: Dr. Kathy Dixon

Loyalty 288

Flipping the Social Studies Classroom

Joanna Seaney

Middle Level Grades (4-8), Secondary Level Grades (8-12), Social Studies: This session will give US history teachers an alternative approach in teaching that engages students in higher order thinking skills. This gives the children a chance to learn from one another and not just from a textbook or notes.