Bill Martin Jr - Breakout Sessions


10:00 Morning Sessions 10:00 am - 10:50 am

in Rayburn Student Center RSC


SRSC Traditions 212

What is Teaching REALLY Like? A Panel of First Year Teachers Share Their Experiences

Dr. Aggie Stryker, Dr. Tami Morton, Sarah Akram, Neil Breese, Kassi Kincaid, Brittany Kuenhold

ALL LEVELS: Come to hear a panel of our alumni first year teachers that are in a variety of school districts including Prosper, Melissa and Wylie. Panel discussion will be led by Dr. Stryker, concluding with a Q&A period at the end.

SRSC Vision 209

I Have A VOICE: Making Sure Your ESL Kids Have A Voice in the Classroom

Karen Davis

ECE (EC-6), Bilingual/ESL, Reading: Do you have struggling ESL students in your classroom? If the answer is yes, then you want to give them a voice. Come on in and join the fun in learning to integrate ELPS & TELPAS domains into your classroom!

SRSC Innovations A 233

Student Engagement IS Classroom Management

Dr. Shenequa C. Miller

ALL LEVELS: This session is designed to equip teachers with the tools needed to maximize instructional time with all students and eliminate off task behaviors. Have students excited about learning from bell to bell each and every day!

SRSC Innovations B 233

The Death of the Worksheet

Tyler Tyndell

Middle Level Grades (4-8), Secondary Level Grades (8-12): Small group stations aren't just for elementary classrooms! This session will highlight how middle school and secondary teachers can incorporate learning/skill stations or centers and interactive activities into their everyday workflow.

 SRSC Integrity 239

Socrative Seminar

Shelby Lowry

SRSC Dedication 273

I've Completed A Read Aloud

Now What Can I Do With It?

Deborah Murillo & Pearl Garden

ECE (EC-6): This session will demonstrate how easy it is to add rigor and instruction with key comprehension skills to the read alouds that students complete every day. Teachers will feel free to move away from basal-driven instruction to use a variety of different resources to engage all of their students.

SRSC Determination 274

The Evolution of Empathy in Imagery-Cultural Relevance in Children's Literature

Dr. Vivien Geneser, Dr. Shelley Harris, Dr. Lawrence Scott,

Mr. David Akpata

Texas A&M University San Antonio

All Levels: Teachers can serve as effective agents of social change through equitable instructional strategies and resources. For example, we can critique curricular materials with cultural sensitivity in mind. In this presentation, we will discuss curriculum guidelines, cultural representations in literature, and methods for evaluating the content of textbooks and trade books.

SRSC Pride 275

Aggressive Monitoring: Collecting Data and Giving Feedback

Shaquela Ford

ALL LEVELS Aggressive monitoring is a vigorous formative assessment throughout a class period or lesson cycle where teachers actively work the room during independent practice to gather data on scholars' understanding of the concept, while identifying common misunderstandings or misconceptions, and conferencing. This technique is highlighted in Paul Bambrick-Santoyo 2016 book Get Better Faster. Teachers will learn a technique to engage all scholars. They will learn strategies for using real time data to adjust instruction and provide real time feedback to scholars.

SRSC Ambition A 277A

Structure and Consistency Equals Self-Regulation

Christine Benson, Virginia Guillory, & Kameka Rains

ECE (EC-6): Group discussion of tools and methodologies to use in keeping young children engaged and self- regulated. Using consistent methodologies and routines help children self-regulate themselves within the expected age appropriate indicators, (i.e., everyday routines, communicate verbally, learn and follow basic rules).

SRSC Ambition B 277B

Brave New Voices: Developing Writing that Speaks Volumes

Meghan Herron

ECE (EC-6), Reading: Students who incorporate voice into their writing have a sense of pride in their work that follows them throughout their academic journeys. This session seeks to provide teachers with small pieces of thread which can be given to students so that they might artfully weave a fabric that is opulent and inviting.

SRSC Legacy A 279 A


Listening: What Style Are You?

Joel Blaylock & Rene’ Sawatsky

ECE (EC-6), Middle Level Grades (4-8), Bilingual/ESL, Reading: Listening styles can influence learning in profound ways. How students listen should cue us as to how we teach students. Learn to identify some common listening styles and to target how students learn best, with their particular learning style.

Instructional Classroom Management

Diane Stegall

ECE (EC-6): Without really good classroom management, instruction would not have the same impact on students. During my teaching career, I came up with multiple activities and strategies that I implemented throughout the day to enhance my instruction, and at the same time, manage my students in a motivational and interactive way.

Moderator: Dr. Juan Araujo

SRSC Legacy B 279 B

Mini Makers: Makerspaces for the Early Childhood Classroom

Janice LaMendola & Sari Pogorzelski

ECE (EC-6): Straws! Boxes! Ribbon! Oh my! Come join us in learning about the always-inspiring, always-bustling, Makerspaces tailored specifically for young children. Discover how Makerspaces promote active learning, boost social-emotional skills, and prepare students for life outside of the classroom. Janice and Sari share tools, tips, and tricks to help you starting building your Makerspace for your Mini Makers the next day!

SRSC Loyalty 288

Become a Guided Reading Guru!

Liza LaRue

ECE (EC-6): Guided reading is a crucial component in K-5 classrooms. This session will provide an explanation of guided reading and strategies that support students in becoming strategic meaning makers. Come learn how to provide intentional and focused instruction for students.