Bill Martin Jr - Breakout Sessions


Mid-day Sessions 11:00 pm - 11:50 am

in Rayburn Student Center (RSC)


SRSC Traditions 212

I Like to Move It, Move it: Incorporating Physical Activity in the Classroom

Dr. Steve Prewitt & Dr. Sandy Kimbrough

ALL LEVELS: Studies have shown increases in learning, on-task behavior, and attendance when there are short bouts of physical activity in the classroom. We will discuss some of the science behind this and demonstrate techniques for increasing physical activity in the general classroom

SRSC Vision 209

Teaching Writing Skills Using Children’s Literature Books

Dr. Susan Szabo

ECE (EC-6), Middle Level Grades (4-8), Bilingual/ESL, Reading, All Levels: Participants will learn the connection between reading and writing while exploring children’s literature. The participants will get a list of books available that will help them teach both the types of words found in sentences and the different text structures that can be used when writing.

SRSC Innovations A 233

The First Year Teacher’s Content Area Reading Strategy Survival Guide

Sara Lisa Avrit & Bailie Avrit

ALL LEVELS: This presentation will model and provide pre service and novice teachers with a variety of researched-based reading strategies. These cross-curricular strategies will address before, during, and after methods of promoting reading comprehension.

SRSC Innovations B 233

Relationship Building with Restorative Discipline Practices

Dr. Patricia Tremmel & Lisa Palazzeti

ECE (EC-6), Middle Level Grades (4-8), Secondary Level Grades (8-12), Bilingual/ESL, All Levels, SpEd, Aspiring Administrators: Come learn a relationship building strategy to use with your students to promote a positive classroom culture. Reduce your office referrals while making a difference with students to learn to work together within a diverse classroom. Restorative Discipline is a paradigm shift in how we think about student discipline.

SRSC Integrity 239

Building A Reggio Environment

Dr. Josh Thompson, Sadie Gamez, Dr. Martha Foote, & Dr. Nicole Pearce

ECE (EC-6), Bilingual/ESL: What goes into a space that inspires young children to wonder, to engage, to create, and make their learning visible? Come explore the Reggio-inspired emphasis on community, team-teaching, and collaboration, where multiple adults participate actively in the classroom as children explore their potential.

SRSC Dedication 273

Multicultural Mentors

Angela Venters

ECE (EC-6), Middle Level Grades (4-8), Bilingual/ESL, Reading: This session will focus on the use of multicultural texts in the classroom to foster a love for cultural differences as students learn to read and write from these multicultural texts.

SRSC Determination 274

“Every Teacher is a Writing Teacher”: Writing Across the Curriculum

Rebekah Jacobson & Stephanie Leach

All Levels, All Content Areas: Every teacher must reinforce literacy. Students need to read and write effectively to be successful in any area. This workshop is designed to address the importance of building transfer through cross-curricular writing, writing foundations, how to tackle the I’m-not-an-English-teacher fear, and how to apply straightforward strategies that work.

SRSC Pride 275

Education Elaboration: Teacher Panel

Amanda Lowe, Karen McGee, Jessica Flanagan, Diana Smith, Cari Aaron, & Latisha Britton

ECE (EC-6), Middle Level Grades (4-8), Bilingual/ESL, Reading, Special Education:

The presenters would like to share ideas, some of their favorite classroom management tips or lesson activities, and answer any questions that new teachers, interns, or residents may have before entering the hallways of an elementary school. The presenters have a variety of experience/ expertise in the areas of bilingual education, special education, pull out programs, inclusion programs, English language arts, math, and science, as well as experiences with RtI, 504, and ARD meetings. The goal is to assist those who want to assist our precious children!

SRSC Ambition A 277A

Routines + Procedures = Classroom Management

Maricela Zuniga

ECE (EC-6): Establishing routines and procedures are necessary in order to have a productive year and effective classroom management. Learn how to implement routines and procedures to help with whole or small group instruction and centers. All this can be done with what you already have in your classroom.

SRSC Ambition B 277B

Teaching Economics with Dr. Seuss

Dr. Sherri Colby

ECE (EC-6), Middle Level Grades (4-8), Secondary Level Grades (8-12), Bilingual/ESL, Reading, All Levels: This session will review the vocabulary of economics as represented in Dr. Seuss's books, in particular, as related to decision making and economic roles.

SRSC Legacy A 279 A

Differentiation with Technology

Patricia Lane

Middle Level Grades (4-8), Secondary Level Grades (8-12): This session will show teachers how to create Google Classrooms, create videos using Google Classroom, Go Formative, Explain Everything, and Screencaster to differentiate instruction. More information will be provided about Explain Everything and screen-caster, and using Go Formative to create assessments, homework, warm-up, and exit ticket assignments.

SRSC Legacy B 279 B

Mini Makers: Makerspaces for the Early Childhood Classroom

Janice LaMendola & Sari Pogorzelski

ECE (EC-6): Straws! Boxes! Ribbon! Oh my! Come join us in learning about the always-inspiring, always-bustling, Makerspaces tailored specifically for young children. Discover how Makerspaces promote active learning, boost social-emotional skills, and prepare students for life outside of the classroom. Janice and Sari share tools, tips, and tricks to help you starting building your Makerspace for your Mini Makers the next day!

SRSC Loyalty 288

Strategies for Increasing Reading Comprehension for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Julie Simmons

Middle Level Grades (4-8), Secondary Level Grades (8-12), Reading: The aim is to provide a rationale for adapting evidence-based strategies as a type of reading intervention to assist in retaining and recalling text material for students with ASD.