Qualifying Exam

Doctoral Qualifying Exam Information

  • Written and oral comprehensive exams will be held on specific dates designated by the department. The exams will occur during the Spring, Summer II, and Fall semesters. Oral exams will be scheduled 3 weeks after the written exam.
  • Students may bring one notebook to each exam session. Personal items, such as purses and cell phones will not be permitted in the exam area.
  • Prior to exam; within the first 12 to 15 semester hours students will invite (ask) a doctoral faculty member to be their major adviser. If an adviser is not secured in the first 30 semester hours the student must contact the doctoral coordinator.

2.   The semester BEFORE comprehensive exams:

  • The semester that ALL coursework is being completed the student must notify his/her major adviser with plans to take both oral and written comprehensive exams.
  • The student sends the major adviser (via email) a list of all courses in the program completed, in progress, and planned for the next semester with the names of professors who taught each course.
  • Within two weeks after sending the email the doctoral student should communicate with each professor about preparation for written exams.

3.   The comprehensive exam packets

The exam packets will contain test questions for 3 hours of writing each morning and 3 hours of writing each afternoon for 3 full days of writing. The packets will include questions for:

  • Packet #1 for Day 1 Morning: EDCI 651 & 655
  • Packet #2 for Day 1 Afternoon: EDCI 652
  • Packet #3 for Day 2 Morning: EDCI 657
  • Packet #4 for Day 2 Afternoon: EDCI 658, 659 (formerly 653), & 691 or 690
  • Packet #5 for Day 3 Morning: EDCI 695, 696, 698 (formerly 642), Tools 2 and 4
  • Packet #6 for Day 3 Afternoon: Connections between the Area of Emphasis and the EDCI focus

4.   Oral Exam and Doctoral Residency documentation

  • Specific time scheduling for the oral exam will be scheduled on the last day of the written exam.
  • The student must bring to the oral exam the graduate school qualify exam form, the departmental residency forms and an updated degree plan.

5.   After the Written and Oral Exams:

The student must complete an anonymous online doctoral program evaluation. When the evaluation is completed, the major adviser will collect the doctoral residency forms, the Graduate School Qualifying Exam form, and the updated degree plan.

Exam Registration:

**You must complete "ALL" doctoral courses prior to registering for the Doctoral Comprehensive Exam.

Step A: Register

Spring 2019 Exam Registration

Step B: Complete Worksheet

Doctoral Comprehensive Exam Worksheet

February 13th, 14th & 15th. Commerce, Sowers Education South RM. 125

Registration Deadline is: Friday, January 18th