Residency Policy

Policy Statement. Each student is required to complete residency after admission to the doctoral program. Residency provides students with opportunities to work with other doctoral students and faculty as colleagues in projects that provide experience and training toward independent application of skills commensurate with holders of doctoral degrees.

The Residency Plan. The student will receive the current residency plan with activities that have been approved by the doctoral faculty members at orientation. Click here to download the Doctoral Residency Plan.

Documentation. Continuous involvement in activities like the following are expected every semester of coursework. While these projects vary widely, the intent of these activities is to provide the student with a more in-depth experience than occurs when students are simply enrolled in doctoral classes. The student will plan the residency activities with the approval of the major advisor. Documentation of all events must be kept in folder and turned in at the oral examinations.

  • Research project
  • Work collaboratively with faculty member
  • Submission of manuscript to state or national journals for publication consideration
  • Staff development consultancies, as a collaborator or an independent contractor
  • Conference presenter, state, regional, and/or national
  • Teaching or Research Internship with a doctoral faculty member
  • Graduate assistant (GAT, GAR, or GANT)
  • Ad-interim instructor
  • Liaison in the field based program
  • Grant writing
  • Formal report writing
  • Conduct Study on own or with other doctoral students or faculty members
  • Other, to be determined by doctoral advisor and student

Residency Plan Turned In. The student is responsible for turning the residency plan in to the major advisor during oral examinations. Residency plan and all documentation to support each activity is signed by the major advisor, the signed residency sheet is then turned into the departmental office so that copies are filed in the student’s official doctoral file.

Content provided by Dr. David Brown and Dr. Jennifer Sennette