Master Cohort

“This year in the SIOP training I saw teachers who have always been pretty set in their methods learn to try new things. It’s motivating teachers who have not tried things before, or didn’t think they had a need for it. I witnessed that by participating in the SIOP training with these teachers. It was just very impressive to me because some of these teachers are very afraid to try new things. But I think it’s through the support [of the project] and our teachers through our ESL department who have influenced them. They’re not afraid of it.”

A cohort of master teachers has been created to take on leadership roles in partnership schools, helping colleagues and parents understand the aims and goals of the Listo program in serving ELLs and in serving as mentor teachers to A&M-Commerce interns and residents. Teachers from the grant partnership schools, including Lakeview Centennial High School and Bussey Middle School in Garland ISD and L. P. Waters Early Learning Center, Carver Elementary and Crockett Elementary in Greenville ISD, can take up to five graduate courses in bilingual/ESL education with the grant paying for tuition and books for the courses.  

Special topics courses designed specifically for the cohort are also offered. After completing 15 of the required 36 hours, teachers are encouraged to obtain an M.ED. in Curriculum & Instruction specializing in bilingual or ESL education.

We still don’t feel confident yet, but like at our campus, the goal is for everybody to be trained in SIOP. Since we are the first to be trying, naturally, the other teachers would look up to us and ask us questions. It’s been like, ‘ok, we have to be on our toes. We haven to know the answers to their questions,’ something like that.  It’s leading to that, leading to becoming leaders inside…that’s the direction.”