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Listo Books on a Table
A student looking at books in the Listo Library
Listo Books on a Table

Listo! Library

 “We have a professional library that they’ve [coordinating team] designed and it’s wonderful. We have a lot of different materials down there. We can go down and check out those professional materials…so those kinds of supports have been extremely helpful.”

In order to better support faculty members with course revisions, classroom activities and action research projects, each year a portion of the grant money is budgeted to develop a professional library for grant participants. Copies of works published by visiting scholars are added to the collection as well as a number of titles pertaining to English language learners. Materials purchased for the library cover interests such as learning about the language learner including demographic trends and sociocultural factors that influence instruction, learning about second-language acquisition and current theories of language development, and language and content area assessment. Other publications cover the topics of content area instruction, theories and methods of bilingual education, strategies for teaching English learners, and knowing and serving diverse families.

Faculty teams as well as individuals may request specific titles be added to the library to support their work through the grant.