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Visiting Scholars
Visiting Scholars
Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars

The scholars…it’s something I look forward to. They’ve always left us with a lot of good information, good readings on the topic. It helps you to make that transition in a new era. It makes the change process a little easier.”

To improve the skills of IHE faculty to better prepare all teachers to teach ELL students, two or more Visiting Scholar Roundtables are held annually where faculty meets with nationally prominent  researchers and scholars to discuss implications of their theories and research for undergraduate teacher preparation. Following the presentation by the scholar/researcher, faculty groups complete the Listo! Project Collaborative Reflection Protocol which includes questions for collective reflection and discourse. 


Protocol questions include the following:     

  • What did you learn (new information or ah-has) or notice?
  • What do you wonder/question?
  • What do you speculate (hunches about instructional practices that might be effective or factors about the learning context or learners that could be important as instruction is designed)?
  • What are the implications?
  • How might we proceed?

Whole group sharing including comments and questions from the faculty, feedback from the visiting scholar and concluding remarks close the events.