Masters Comprehensive Exams

By University policy, all master's degree candidates must complete a comprehensive examination during the final semester of studies. Our department offers the exam three times each year:

Fall Semester - Usually in October
Spring Semester - Usually in February
Summer 1 Term - Usually Mid-June

There are four ways students can demonstrate their learning through the comprehensive exam process:  written exam, oral exam, professional portfolio, or a combination of the three.  Each master's program determines the kind of comprehensive exam their students will take.  It is important that students communicate with their advisors about the comprehensive exam well in advance of when the exams are taken.  Below are some general guidelines.

Students In Campus-Based Master's Programs

  1. Apply no later than the first week of your final semester.
  2. Receive email confirmation along with study guide information.
  3. You will receive a letter with the results 4 to 6 weeks from exam date.  Grading is Pass/Fail.
  4. For further information contact Nicole Askew

Students in Cohort-Based Programs Master's Programs
If you are in a cohort-based program in Mesquite ISD, or ISD's in the Corsicana area, please check with your advisor for information about the comprehensive exam requirements for that program.

Exam Results
Regardless of the program, you will be notified of the results in a letter from the department head 4 to 6 weeks after the exam is taken.  Exams are graded Pass or Fail.  Results are also forwarded to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research. According to policy as stated in the Graduate Catalog, "A student who fails the exam the first time must complete whatever further courses or additional study that are stipulated by the advisory committee or the major department to correct the weaknesses or deficiencies revealed by the examination.  The candidate who fails the examination may retake it no sooner than mid-term of the following semester. Should the candidate fail the exam upon the second attempt, a third and final attempt may be taken only with the recommendation of the advisory committee and approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research."

Question about applying for the comprehensive exam can be addressed to Nicole Askew or call her at 903-886-5537

More Info About Masters Comprehensive Exams

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