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MEd, MS - Secondary Education (SED)

Advising Guide for Masters in Secondary  (PDF)

Program Description:

Students who are interested in developing depth and breath of expertise in curriculum and instructional leadership at the secondary school level should choose the major in Secondary Education.   The Secondary Education curriculum will equip graduates with proficiency in designing and conducting action research to improve classroom and school practices, the design, implementation and evaluation  of secondary school curriculum, the selection of teaching models to address the learning and achievement of secondary school students, and the selection and design of curriculum and instruction reflecting philosophical systems in the middle school and high school environments.    

Courses required for the major in Secondary Education are available online, face2face, and as hybrids.  Students may choose the Masters of Science (MS) or Masters of Education (MEd) degree, featuring a thirty-six (36) hour curriculum and instruction focus.   The degree is comprised of an eighteen (18)  hour major with courses in curriculum, models of teaching, philosophy of education, research, and electives in cultural diversity, teaching the At-Risk Learners, and  Gifted Education.  

In addition, the secondary education degree plan allows for 18 hours of elective coursework which may be taken through any department at the University.  This flexibility provides students an opportunity to complete eighteen hours (18) hours of graduate courses in mathematics, English, Science, History or any subject that is taught at the community college qualifying graduates to teach Dual Credit courses and Advanced Placement courses.  Students may also choose elective courses offered through the Department of Curriculum and Instruction or courses offered through any other department at the University.  Many students choose to take electives which lead to the Principal’s certificate, certification in Reading, Bilingual/ESL, or Gifted Education.  In addition, students who graduate with the Masters  Degree  in Secondary Education are qualified for leadership opportunities as Dean of Instruction, Department Heads, facilitators, specialists and for doctoral studies in curriculum and instruction.


  • I have already been promoted to a non-teaching position because of my pursuing the Master’s Degree.   
  • I have been promoted to Math Dept Head for my school, and I will receive a small stipend for my Masters. 
  • I always wanted to teach in the gifted program and to teach Dual Credit classes.  I took two of the GT classes and 18 hours in English when I worked on my Masters, and I have been offered an opportunity to teach Dual Credit English next year. 
  • I am graduating with my Masters in Secondary Education and 18 hours of the 21 hours required for the Principal’s Certificate.  I’ll teach a few more years, take the extra 3 hours for the Principal’s Certification and then apply for an AP position.  That’s my plan!!
  • I have spent 10 years as a middle school and high school Math teacher.  I love the secondary level.  I have the experience and now with my Masters in Secondary Education, I will be an EXPERT in secondary school curriculum and instruction.  That’s me!!


Joyce Miller, Ph.D.  (Program Coordinator)

Sherri Colby, Ph.D.

Steps leading to the Masters Degree

  • Complete Application for Admission to Graduate School using
  • File official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work
  • Complete the certification exam or complete the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  • Meet with advisor before completion of 9 semester hours

Major: Secondary Education

EDCI 595 Research Methodologies

SED 513 Secondary School Curriculum

SED 521 Models of Teaching in the Secondary School

SED 528 Philosophy of Education

SED 511 Adolescent Growth and Development

Plus Eighteen (18) Hours of Graduate Level courses.

To obtain an advisor and further information contact Dr. Joyce Miller by email at