Bilingual and ESL Undergraduate Programs

Please see Undergraduate Bilingual Education FAQ for more information on our EC-6 Bilingual Generalist program.

Program Steps:

  1. Meet with your department advisor to declare your major.  If you will be completing the EC-6 Bilingual generalist program, also contact Dr. Jackie Riley or Dr. Alxandra Babino.
  2. If you will seek bilingual certification, you must take the Spanish Placement Test. Please contact Student Testing for scheduling.
  3. Do degree audits for yourself regularly using MyLeo. Contact Dr. Jackie Riley or Dr. Alexandra Babino if you detect any problems such as missing credits. 
  4. Make sure you have met the basic skill requirements.
  5. Take the courses required as part of your degree plan.
  6. Pass your certification exams.
  7. Complete your internship and residency requirements.
  8. Apply for graduation during your final semester