Master of Education in Educational Administration (EDAD)

The MEd degree program includes 30 required hours in Educational Administration. All 30 required hours also apply to the department’s Principal Certification Program. Students who are seeking the Master’s degree and Principal certification should select an approved elective that align with departmental requirements for Principal certification. Students who have not been fully admitted to the program may take up to 6 hours of coursework under non-degree-seeking status while their admission status is pending. These courses are EdAd 615 and EdAd 595. No other courses may be taken until fully admitted.

Fully admitted students will take the following courses:

1. Required Core Courses (12 sh):

EdAd 615—Leading Effective Schools
EdAd 626—Using the Law in Educational Practice
EdAd 595—Using Research for Best Practice
EdAd 574—Developing Quality Instructional Programs

2. Required Support Courses (18 sh):

EdAd 508—Facilitating Learning for Diverse Students
EdAd 554—Leading the Learning Community
EdAd 607—Using Evaluation and Data to Improve Learning
EdAd 614—Leading the Learning Community Internship
EdAd 619—Designing Curriculum
EdAd 656—Building Capacity for Effective Learning

Note: Students completing coursework from older degree plans may request a change to the new 30 hour Master’s degree/certification plan. Keep in mind, however, that some courses will be in excess of what is needed for the new plan (particularly when it comes to electives) and that some courses will no longer be a part of the degree/certification plan (EdAd 602).


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