Psychology-Counseling Graduate Student Association
Texas A&M University – Commerce

If you are a graduate student within the Psychology/Counseling Department at
Texas A&M University-Commerce, we invite you to join the PCGSA, even if you can’t physically attend the meetings.


Monthly Member Meeting: Location and time to be announced on OrgSync

Videos posted on OrgSync for those who cannot physically attend

Members of OrgSync can also access videos and details from past meetings.

The purpose and mission of the PCGSA centers on serving and representing members’ interests through:

Unifying areas within the Psychology/Counseling Department and representing members’ interests to other bodies and organizations.

Creating a forum for discussion and resolution of issues relevant to psychology/counseling graduate students.

Serving as a conduit of information between the Department, Texas A&M University – Commerce, and the membership

Organizing, promoting, and conducting activities beneficial to our graduate student life.

Facilitating and promoting opportunities for socialization, information sharing, and networking.

Providing a platform to share relevant career and program related information amongst the membership and professional community. Hosting events and providing resources to the membership in order to facilitate career goals.

Subsidizing members’ expenses for a variety of activities and endeavors that directly promote graduate student life and career advancement.

Encouraging a collective voice on matters that relate to us.

Join our group on OrgSync at http://tamuc.orgsync.com/org/pcgsa and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/235454289825242/