• Clinical Applications

Deadlines for Spring 2018 

Applications Deadline: Friday, November 10, 2017


IMPORTANT - Documents and forms must be turned in no later than one week prior to the 1st class day. All students who have not turned in all required documents will be removed from the clinical classes. As soon as your application has been accepted, we will begin to ask for the required documents. 

All documents are required to be turned in for COUN 551 & COUN 552

  • Degree plan in your file 
  • Personal counseling note in your file.  
  • Field Site Form (for students to complete) All 551 & 552 students must complete this form so we know your site and your supervisor. 
  • Field Site Information Form (for new sites to complete for approval) 
  • Orientation (for 551 & 552) 

Other Documents/Forms: 

Clinical Sequence:

COUN 516 - Basic Skills - 3 hrs
COUN 548 - Advanced Basic Skills - 3 hrs
COUN 551 - Practicum - 3 hrs 
COUN 552 - Internship I - 3 hrs
COUN 552 - Internship II - 3 hrs

Applications are to be completed the semester before you intend to the class. All applications must be approved before you will be permitted and allowed to enroll in the class.

Late or incomplete applications are NOT guaranteed consideration.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Track Students
(and school counseling students seeking a Clinical Mental Health Counseling placement) Prior to applying for field placement, you should review the Field Site List. 

PLEASE check your Leo Email often. This is our department's and the university's access to contact you.     

Personal Counseling Requirement Information

All students will attend 10 counseling session as part of a requirement for COUN 516. Students will attend the session as a client. These sessions are an opportunity for you to benefit firsthand experience as a client. If you have already completed COUN 516, then you need to seek a counselor for your session (6). You may seek counseling services at no charge through the Community Counseling & Psychology Clinic (903) 886-5660 in Commerce or the Harold Murphy Clinic (469)302-6318 in McKinney.  Students may choose their own counseling service, but fees may apply.  The counselor must submit documentation that the student has completed the required sessions. The letter or email must be sent to the department. You may send it to Marilyn.Lewis@tamuc.edu by email or by US mail to Texas A&M University-Commerce, Counseling Program, Rm# 202 Binnion Hall, P.O. Box 1311, Commerce, TX 75429.  

Clinical classes include the following: 

COUN 516-Basic Skills

Provides the foundation for all practicum and internship experiences. Students learn communication and interpersonal skills under faculty supervision. Demonstration of these skills is a prerequisite for enrollment in Practicum (COUN 551). Students will examine their intrapersonal issues and interpersonal styles and will follow ACA Ethical Standards. Prerequisites: Application form returned to department several months before actual enrollment in this course (check department for availability and due dates), Minimum grade of B in COUN 501 and COUN 510. 

COUN 548-Advanced Basic Skills

A laboratory-based, experiential course, Advanced Counseling Skills will merge the continued development of basic skills with theoretically based conceptualization skills and techniques. Students will examine their intrapersonal alignments with chosen theoretical orientations. Students will practice theoretically consistent conceptualization skills and techniques. Students will be expected to adhere to ACA Ethical Standards. Pre-requisites: Pass Level 1 Examination.

COUN 551-Practicum (placement site is required)

Provides for continued development and practice of skills learned in COUN 516. Students develop conceptual and professional skills related to their practice at a field site and practice specified counseling and related activities during a minimum of 100 hours at an agency or educational setting. Prerequisites: Application form returned to department several months before actual enrollment in this course (check with department for availability and due dates), a grade of “B” or better in 548, and successful completion of Admission to Candidacy requirements within the Counseling Program, which includes passing Level 1 Exam after the completion of COUN 501 & 510. Graded on a satisfactory (S) or unsatisfactory (U) basis, with a grade of “S” required to progress to COUN 552. Note Satisfactory performance at the field placement and during on-campus class meetings must be demonstrated before students can proceed to Internship (COUN 552). 

 Students in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling programs are required to participate as a client in a minimum of 6 personal counseling sessions. Documentation, signed by the counseling service provider, must be submitted by the student prior to him or her being approved to enroll in COUN 551: Practicum.  

 Forms that are needed for COUN 551, 


Letter or email documentation filed.

___ Application

___ Orientation

___ Field Site Form (for Students to complete) required for all students 

___ Field Site Form (for Field Sites not listed on the list)

___ New Field Site Approved by Dr. Linda Ball 

COUN 552-Internship I&II (placement site is required)

 Primary interest is on integration of process, conceptual, professional, and personal skills. Provides extensive supervised experience in a setting closely aligned with student’s chosen program. Prerequisites: Application form returned to department several months before actual enrollment in this course (check for availability and due dates); successful completion of COUN 551. Students must receive a grade of “S” in the first semester of 552 to progress to the second semester of 552, and an “S” in the final semester of 552 to graduate. Note Course is repeated for two, three-credit hour courses, each requiring approximately 20 weekly hours (300 total in each) of field experience, to meet master’s degree requirement of six hours of internship. 

Before you can be permitted into COUN 552, these items must have been received and verified.

___ Application

___ Orientation

___ Field Site Form (for Students to complete)

___ Field Site Form (for Field Sites not listed on the list)

___ New Field Site Approved by Dr. Linda Ball 


Information from the applications is entered into a database so that students' requests can be verified. Once the requests are assessed, we need to verify that adequate sections are available for the number of students needing the courses. We need to verify that there will be enough students for each section for it to make and that we do not have too many students for certain sections. Students are informed through students' Leo email address of assignments after authorizations have been entered.  


Linda Ball - 903-886-5649 - Linda.Ball@tamuc.edu

Marilyn Lewis - 903-886-5637 - Marilyn.Lewis@tamuc.edu