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Doctoral Degree Plan 2013

With approval of the Doctoral Admissions Review Committee, a student may apply 12 semester hours of post-masters, pre-doctoral admission course work taken at a regionally accredited graduate school. Only courses that are deemed appropriate for the student's program of study in the doctoral program may be applied in this situation. The following items make up the doctoral degree plan content.

Master's (Entry-Level) Courses: 48 semester-hours equivalent to CACREP master's degree

Some classes that you choose to enroll may require a permit to be entered from the Department. This may also include any masters level classes.   

Doctoral Core 21 semester hours listed below:

  • COUN 610 Advanced Counseling Theories & Techniques (a permit will be entered)
  • COUN 620 Supervision in Counseling & Development
  • COUN 621 Psychoeducational Consultation and Program Evaluation
  • COUN 622 Adv Multi Cultural Couns
  • COUN 625 Research Applications
  • COUN 650 Instructional Theory and Methods in Counselor Education
  • COUN 717 Ethics and Professional Development

Cognate Area 9 semester hours

Students choose one of four cognate areas: marriage and family counseling, student affairs, child and adolescent counseling, and diversity counseling. Courses in a cognate area may have specified prerequisites. If a cognate course is taken prior to admission to the doctoral program, a substitute course must be taken.

Marriage and Family Counseling Cognate

  • COUN 611 Introduction to Marriage & Family Counseling/Therapy
  • COUN 612 Advanced Seminar in Marriage & Family Counseling/Therapy
  • COUN 615 Marital Counseling/Therapy

Student Affairs Cognate

  • COUN 590 Legal Issues in College Student Affairs
  • COUN 606 Student Affairs Services in Higher Education
  • COUN 607 The Contemporary College Student

Child and Adolescent Counseling Cognate

  • COUN 534 Counseling Children and Adolescents
  • COUN 539 Introduction to Play Therapy
  • COUN 614 Counseling Strategies for Parent-Child Relations

Diversity Cognate

  • COUN 623 Gender, Race, and Social Class (Required)

These classes are currently being offered as Special Topics (COUN 597) courses:

One of the following:

  • Spirituality in Human Services
  • Sexual Minorities

Elective Cluster 3 semester hours

The elective cluster is determined by the student and advisor to build a concentration of competencies different from, or to complement, a cognate area. To illustrate, individually determined elective clusters might be focused in areas such as teaching in higher education, administration of counseling services, human resources, assessment, etc. As the above examples would suggest, the elective cluster could include courses from academic departments other than the Counseling Program.

Research Tools Courses 15 semester hours. The department cannot enter permits for other departments. 

Level   I:  COUN 695 Research Methodology
Level  II:  PSY 612 Psychological & Educational Statistics or HIED 617
Level III:  COUN 613 Advanced Statistical Techniques
Level  IV:  HIED 696 Advanced Research Methodology 
Level   V:  Approved by Doctoral Coordinator

Doctoral Field Experience (Practicum/Internship) 12 semester hours total

Dissertation 9-12 semester hours 

  • COUN 718 Doctoral Dissertation-a permit will need to be entered for the section for your chair of your committee. 


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