DeMarquis Hayes

DeMarquis Hayes, Ph.D. (Tulane University), Assistant Professor

Dr. Hayes is a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology in the state ofDeMarquis Hayes Texas and has provided psychological services to both public and charter schools in the Dallas metroplex for several years. His primary research interests include examining issues of resilience and vulnerability in children and adolescents, especially those from ethnic minority backgrounds. Specifically, he is interested in examining home and school components that enhance student achievement and normative developmental outcomes. In addition, Dr. Hayes is also interested in examining variables that contribute to success in higher education for students, especially those from ethnic minority backgrounds. The purpose of this research is to examine perceived and/or actually barriers to higher education for ethnic minority students. Throughout his career in academia, Dr. Hayes has taught a variety of graduate courses including Cognitive Assessment, Academic Assessment, Social-Emotional Assessment, Consultation, and Diversity in Family and Schools.

Contact Information: (903)886-5979