Ray Green


I am a professor with Ph.D. from Rutger's, and Dean of the Honors Program. I teach courses in social cognition and Industrial-Organizational Psychology at both the graduate and undergraduate level. My primary research interests include social cognition, particularly stereotype structure and function. I am interested in how individuals structure their understanding of the world through stereotypes, and in exploring what functions such stereotypes serve (e.g., simplification, ego protection). Additional interests of mine include the teaching of psychology and using psychology to help students be more successful.

Email: raymond.green@tamuc.edu

Representative publications: Green, R. J. (2007). On taking attendance. APS Observer, 20, 33-36.

Green, R. J. (2008). What we can do to help undergraduate students not going on for graduate studies. Lessons Learned: Practical Advice for the Teaching of Psychology: Vol. 3. Washington, DC: American Psychological Society.