Stephen Reysen


I am an associate professor trained at the University of Kansas. My research examines issues concerning personal and social identity including collective emotions and threats to the group, global citizenship, fanship and fandom, and interpersonal threats to public identity. Collective emotions are emotions felt due to membership in a group. This research examines how collective emotions are associated with intergroup relations (e.g., threat to the group). Global citizenship is defined as awareness, caring, and embracing cultural diversity, while promoting social justice and sustainability, coupled with a sense of responsibility to act. My global citizenship research examines the antecedents and consequences of identifying the self as a global citizen, and how to foster a global citizen identity in the classroom. My fanship and fandom research examines the influence of fan activities on everyday life. Interpersonal threats to public identity are situations where another person intentionally attempts to illegitimately undermine one’s ability to display a valued and distinctive public identity. My interpersonal public identity threat research examines the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral reactions to public identity threats in various forms (e.g., copycatting, gossip, relationship dissolution).


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Representative publications:

Reysen, S., Plante, C. N., Roberts, S. E., & Gerbasi, K. C. (2015). A social identity perspective of personality differences between fan and non-fan identities. World Journal of Social Science Research, 2, 91-103.


Reysen, S., & Puryear, C. (2014). Victims’ reactions to the interpersonal threat to public identity posed by copycats. Interpersona, 8, 100-114.


Reysen, S., Puryear, C., Katzarska-Miller, I., Kamble, S. V., & Vithoji, N. (2014). Socio-structural intergroup characteristics and group-based emotions in three countries. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 43, 239-252.


Reysen, S., & Katzarska-Miller, I. (2013). A model of global citizenship: Antecedents and outcomes. International Journal of Psychology, 48, 858-870.


Reysen, S., & Branscombe, N. R. (2010). Fanship and fandom: Comparisons between sport fans and non-sport fans. Journal of Sport Behavior, 33, 176-193.