Tracy Henley


I have a Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee. I was trained as a psycholinguist, and my research interests include the role of analogy and figurative language in areas such as reasoning and categorization. Special attention is given to implications for Artificial Intelligence, Theory of Mind, and "Social" (or everyday) Cognition within various applied domains (e.g., warning labels, political ads, education, software interfaces and game design). Additional interests include History of Psychology and Philosophy of Mind.


Representative Publications :


Hergenhahn, B.R. & Henley, T.B. (2013). An Introduction to the History of Psychology, (7th Ed.) Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Cengage

Current History related projects include a revision of the book above (for 2018), a piece on William James and education, and multiple projects in psychology's prehistory (circa 10,000 BC).


Jiang, M. & Henley, T. (2012). Power: Spatial Relations as Perceptual Symbols. Journal of Cognitive Psychology (Formerly: European Journal of Cognitive Psychology), 24, 829-834.

Current Language related projects include a follow up to the article cited above, collaborating with one former dissertation student who explored tonal language acquisition and musicality, as well as another who explored text coherence in a Chinese sample.

Social Cognition:

Henley, T., Green, R. & Donawho, P. (2017). A Preliminary Consideration of WAR as Evaluation. The Psychologist-Manager, 20, 48-52.

Current Social Cognition work is focused mostly on Theory of Mind in both children and normal adults.