Bachelor's of Social Work

BSW Program

Degree Plan & Curriculum

To receive a Bachelor's of Social Work degree, one must complete fifty-four (54) hours of social work classes and six (6) hours of courses in psychology and sociology. While students are not required to complete a minor to receive the degree, eighteen (18) hours of non-program electives are required. Students typically receive their degree in about four years. Students must complete SWK 2361, SWK 2362, SWK 2389,  PSY 2301 and SOC 1306 with a grade of C or better to be admitted to the BSW program.

In addition to the social work and social science courses, students must also complete the state-mandated core-curriculum and MATH 1342 and ANTH 2351. These courses satisfy both the university core requirements and the social work requirement.

The Social Work curriculum is planned and sequenced; students must complete required prerequisites and progress through the program in sequential order. Because of this sequencing, students are expected to obtain advising from the COEHS Mentor Center and Social Work faculty advisor prior to registration.

Selected Course Descriptions

The following make up nine of the sixty (60) credit hours required to receive a Bachelor Degree in Social Work. There are many more courses necessary to graduate, and they can be found in the undergraduate catalog. 

SWK 2361 - Introduction to Social Work. Three semester hours. Examines the historical development and current characteristics of the social welfare institution, the nature of professional social work practice, and the educational preparation for generalist social work practice; and clarifies the individual student’s interest in and potential for social work practice.

SWK 340 - Global Perspectives of Human Welfare. Three semester hours. This social work elective focuses on the development of student awareness of meeting global human needs. Students are taught to assess and plan culturally appropriate interventions as well as integrate macro theory into international social work practice. Students will be encouraged to develop awareness that they are part of an international community.

SWK 362 - Child Welfare. Three semester hours. This elective course introduces the student to the practice field of child welfare. Topics include child protection laws and their enforcement, and problems of family and parent functioning that impinge on children’s well-being and the policies and services that relate to these problems.