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Diversity and Social Work at TAMUC

From our neighborhoods and schools to our workplaces and virtual communities, we are much more likely to interact with people who are different than ourselves than at any time in history. The difference that exists within us all, our varied backgrounds, styles, perspectives, values, and beliefs are assets to groups and organization

The School of Social Work at TAMUC is committed to understanding, respecting and relishing the differences that make us unique and diverse. Further, the profession of Social Work as a whole has a special interest in diversity, as it is the imperative of Social Workers to uphold the tenets of social justice and equality in the hopes of both making life better for diverse populations and facilitating holistic well-being. 

Diversity and Difference: Let's Talk

The School of Social work invites you to attend its Brown Bag Lunch Series on Global Diversity. Twice each semester, faculty and students on Commerce, Mesquite and McKinney campuses will participate in bold conversations about difference and diversity affecting our community and world.

This brown bag lunch series supports Texas A & M University’s mission to engage in creative discovery and dissemination of knowledge and ideas for service, leadership, and innovation in an interconnected and dynamic world and the School of Social Work’s commitment to build an inclusive learning environment where persons with diverse identities are affirmed and supported and where students develop cultural knowledge, skills and humility to work with diverse populations in an interconnected world.  

The goals of this lunch bag series include:

1. Create a safe and supportive environment to exchange ideas related to diversity and difference.

2. Help participants understand and develop cultural humility or a life-long commitment of self-evaluation, self-critique and aspiration to fix power imbalances and advocate for others.

3. Increase campus awareness of diversity and the School of Social Work initiatives to promote inclusion at TAMUC.

For more information, contact Gracie Brownell at or Marcella Smith at Marcella.smith@tamuc.eduC

We are now accepting proposals for Spring 2017 Diversity and Difference: Let’s Talk” School of Social Work Brown Bag Series.  Students are encouraged to submit proposals via email to