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Student Organizations

The following organizations were selected based on their relevance to Social Work, Social Justice and Diversity. For a full listing of student organizations, please visit the University's Student Organizations page.

Advocates @ A&M: The A-Team is a service organization for undergraduate Social Work Students. The focus of the organization is to provide members with volunteer experience and opportunity to connect to alumni and other social work professionals during their tenure as members in the social work program.

African Student Association: The purpose of this organization is to create a culturally enlightened community by promoting collaboration amongst African Students and the student body as a whole.

Bilingual/ESL Education Student Organization: For anyone interested in bilingual and ESL education. 

Caribbean Students Association: For Caribbean Students and students interested in Caribbean culture.

Chinese Student AssociationTo promote unity and friendship among the Chinese students on campus. To advance the understanding and cooperation between and among the Chinese students and students of other countries.

College Democrats at TAMC: A political organization of college students that hold true to Democratic principles.

College Republicans: College Republicans is a politically oriented organization that seeks to foster and cultivate the student body into a conservative oriented mind.

Environmental Awareness Society: Open to students, faculty and community, the Environmental Awareness Society works to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Golden Leos: Have you ever wanted to serve as an ambassador for the President's Office? Golden Leos is a service organization that develops leadership abilities.

Hispanic Student Association: Support and networking for Hispanic students.

India Student Association: For all Indian students currently studying at TAMUC.

Korean Student Association: Because the number of Koreans in Texas A&M-Commerce will increase, our association is about to promote awareness of the Korean culture, improve opportunities for all Korean and University community

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People: The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, usually abbreviated as NAACP, is one of the oldest and most influential civil rights organizations in the United States.

Nepalese Students AssociationWe want to share our culture and values among students from various background in Texas A&M University-Commerce. 

Peer Mentorship Organization: Peer Mentorship is both an academic and social student organization dedicated to helping freshmen and transfer students develop their potential to achieve academic success. 

Saudi Students Association: The Saudi Student Association will focus on bringing all the Saudi students to be as a one hand to help each other and to serve any kind of needs for the new students from Saudi Arabia or from any different countries who come to Commerce.

Sociology and Criminal Justice Society: The purpose of the SACS is to foster interest in the fields of Sociology and Criminal Justice.

Student Government Association

The Pride AlliancePride Alliance seeks to mold a campus free of prejudice, discrimination, and harassment. We support and encourage diversity amongst people.