BSW Practicum


In order to obtain a Bachelor's of Social Work degree, students must clock a total of 460 supervised internship hours. BSW students begin their internship with 160 during Field I in the summer, and rounding out the fall with 300 hours during Field II. Field Education is carried out in hundreds of human services agencies, and allows our students the chance to exercise the knowledge and skills they have acquired to develop as practitioners of social work.

Looking for Forms?

For your convenience, all BSW Field Education forms have been moved to the PDF Form Directory. You can find them under the section entitled "BSW Field Education Forms," where they are organized by Student, Agency, Faculty and Field Instructor forms.


Students in the BSW program will utilize TK20 in the program for their field practicum. Students will purchase TK20 when the enroll in SWK 348 during the Spring Semester.  TK20 Support click on the following link: