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Educational Aide Program

Deadline for submitting application to complete Spring 2015 Internship is (Friday) November 7, 2014. See links at bottom of page.


If you are currently employed in a TEA approved school as an Educational Aide, you may complete your certification through the Educational Aide Program. The degree plan is revised to accommodate a daytime work schedule with evening and/or summer course offerings. However, the job placement must be approved by the Department advisor and the Office of Educator Certification and Academic Services and match the grade level and specialization/teaching field in which you are seeking teacher certification.

Elementary and middle-level education students may contact Curriculum & Instruction at 903-886-5669 for information.

Secondary students may contact Mitzi Hughes at mitzi.huges@tamuc.edu.

Special Education students may contact Harvetta Robertson in SPED at 903-886-5648 or Harvetta.Robertson@tamuc.edu.

In addition to applying to the Educational Aide Program, teacher candidates are required to apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program and meet all program requirements.

Educational Aide with Exemption

Effective fall 2011, the term Educational Aide with Exemption describes a student who has received the Educational Aide Exemption (Federal Educational Aide Funding). The student who has received federal educational aide funding prior to fall 2011 may opt to be exempt from student teaching while employed as an Educational Aide regardless of how long funding was received – one semester, two semesters etc. - regardless of when student teaching occurred in their program.  The Educational Aide Exemption Program does not have a timeline for when students must complete their degree program as long as they continue to meet the institutions requirements and guidelines. 

Substitution for Experience

Educational aides with two or more years of educational aide experience who are eligible for a Student Teaching/Internship may submit an application requesting one of the two semesters of ELED/SED 422 be waived. Please request an application from the Center for Educator Certification (copy included in handbook).  This request must be submitted with your application for the student teaching/internship. Additional course work may be required to meet program and graduation requirements.   

For more information on educational aide exemption, click here.
Based on the Texas Education Code ---- Educational Aide Exemption Program

Check here for the Educational Aide Handbook.

An Educational Aide must submit an application to the Teacher Education Program for review and admission approval, prior to enrolling in ELED 414 or 422 for EC-6 and 4-8, or any internship equivalent course for 8-12 or All Level.  Full admission to the Teacher Education Program is required prior to completing an internship as an educational aide.

Please follow the links below to complete application process:

  1. $40 non-refundable & non-transferable application fee https://apps.tamuc.edu/teachercertification/login.aspx (Include copy of payment receipt in application packet)
  2. Teacher Education Program Application for Educationl Aides  (Include confirmation page in application packet)             
  3. Educational Aide Responsibility Framework       
  4. Teacher Education Program Checklist for EC-6 Aides OR
  5. Teacher Education Program Checklist for 4-8 Aides  OR
  6. Teacher Education Program Checklist for SPED-All level Aides 
  7. Substitution For Experience Application/Aide Exemption
     Note:  student must have minimum of two (2) years of verifiable classroom experience to be considered for waiver of 3sh hours of residency coursework, i.e. second semester of Eled 422.                                                                                                                                                                   IMPORTANT: Educational Aides enrolled in the Navarro Partnership Program (Corsicana and/ or Midlothian Areas) are not eligible for the substitution / waiver. Students enrolled in the Navarro Partnership Program follow the traditional field-based degree plan, and must complete both internship and residency semesters.                   
  8. Manila file folder (include all required documents in file folder)

    Completed application should be submitted to Mitzi Hughes, Ed North, Room 202.
This application must be submitted to Mitzi Hughes in Ed. North 202.
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