Admissions to Field-Based Program


To make application to the Field-Based Teacher Education Program, you must be enrolled in ELED or SED 300.  You will be required to purchase Tk20 (data collection system) to access program application.

You must meet the following requirements to gain admission to the Field-Based Teacher Education Program:

  1. Overall GPA must be 2.75
  2. Have a minimum of 12 semester credit hours in the subject-specific content area for the certification sought. A minimum of 15 semester credit hours is required for certification sought in mathematics or science at or above Grade 7;
  3. TSI Complete - demonstrate basic skills in reading, written communication, and mathematics;
  4. Participate in either an interview or other screening instrument (YouTube video) to determine applicant's knowledge, experience, skills and aptitude are appropriate for the certification sought;
  5. Accept offer of admission to the Field-Based Program by completing an Acceptance Survey in Tk20.

The application screening process occurs throughout the semester in which the student is enrolled in ELED or SED 300.