Admission Requirements to Field Based - Educational Aide Program

To gain admission to the Field-Based program, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Submit the Early Field Experience / Program Application during ELED or SED 300;
  2. Participate in the Admission Interview Process conducted by the Department of Curriculum & Instruction (completed during ELED or SED 300), and be recommended for admission to the program;
  3. Completion of Basic Skills Requirements: The Reading component must be met with score of 250 or higher on Reading THEA or appropriate SAT and ACT scores; the Math component may be met with a "C" in college algebra ( or appropriate test score); the Writing component may be met with "C" or better in English 1301 or 1302 ( or appropriate test score);
  4. Meet Overall GPA requirement, as determined by catalog year, i.e. 2.50 or 2.75 respectively.