Field-Based Student Teaching Application Process

The application for Fall 2020 student teaching will be available until Wednesday,January 29,2020. The application will close after this date, and late submissions WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED !!


Available applications for Fall 2020 student teaching:

Application for EC-6  and 4-8 Fall 2020 Internship

Application for Secondary/EC-12 Fall 2020 Student Teaching/Residency


Please read the following information carefully!

You will need the following Items, in order:

1. Pay $40 non-refundable & non-transferable application fee Click Here to Pay. (Upload copy of payment receipt into TK20)

2. Completing the Application for Student Teaching in Tk20

Step 1: Login to your TK20 Student Account

If you do not have a TK20 student account you may purchase one, one of two ways.

  • Contact the University Bookstore (students qualifying for Financial Aid may opt to purchase through the Bookstore)
  • Login to TK20 and set up your student account by clicking on “Click here to register your student account” - Located on the left-hand side at the bottom.

Step 2: Create an Application

  1. Go to your Applications tab and click on create under Applications located in the side menu.
  2. Select the “Application for Field-Based Student Teaching” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Complete the application as directed. Any fields with an asterisk (*) must be filled in before the system will let you submit.
  4. Once you have started an application, you have 3 options:
    • Save: You can click this at any time and return at a later time to finish the application.
    • Submit: This will submit your application for final review. Edit before submitting!
    • Cancel: Use this to exit the application without saving any changes.
    Note: If you do NOT see the name of the application you need to complete, you may be attempting to complete it AFTER its due date has passed
  5. Once you have submitted an application, it may not be recalled. Please check for correct spelling, accuracy of details, and district selection(s), while completing the application for student teaching.

Step 3: To Check Status of a Submitted Application

Click on the Review Tab and click on the following review form to determine clearance for interview and/or student teaching.

  1. Field Based TEARAC Program Admission Requirements – Provides Teacher Education Program requirements for Student Teaching.