Early Field Experience Information

Early Field Experience (EFE)

For initial teacher certification, the candidate must complete Early Field Experience (classroom observation), for a minimum of 30 clock hours, prior to assignment for clinical student teaching.

 Field-based experiences must be instructional or educational activities that include:

Authentic school settings in a public school accredited by the TEA or other school approved by the TEA for this purpose:

  1. instruction by content certified teachers;
  2. actual students in classrooms/instructional settings with identity-proof provisions;
  3. content or grade-level specific classrooms/instructional settings; and
  4. written reflection of the observation.

Multiple courses require Early Field Experience (classroom observation).

ELED 300 and SED 300 require 30 hours of Early Field Experience.


You will be required to purchase an online data collection system, Tk20, as part of the course requirement. Tk20 is a data collection tool that houses applications/information/documents/assessments, etc. for our teacher education students.

  You must have a Tk20 Student Account to complete the EFE Observation process.


  1. You may complete observation in any TEA accredited school.
  2. You are responsible for contacting the school district to request a placement, and must follow district policies and protocol to secure the placement, i.e. complete district application, criminal background check, fingerprinting, etc.
  3. If you are enrolled in more than one course requiring observation, you may use the same observation placement to fulfill requirements.  The maximum number of observation hours you will complete is 30 hours.
  4. If you are an educational aide, you may complete your observation experience on your campus of employment, but you must be observing a mentor teacher administering curriculum to students.  If you are enrolled in ELED or SED 300, you are required to complete 30 hours of observation.  You may observe 15 hours of observation in the classroom you are assigned, but you must complete 15 hours in a classroom with another assigned mentor. 

More detailed information about the Early Field Experience will be provided upon enrollment in courses requiring classroom observation.