Filing for Certification

The State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) has established a totally paperless, online process for filing for educator certification in Texas.

If you have questions or difficulty with regard to the SBEC web page, you may contact the certification office for assistance.

Educator Certificate Application Procedures for the Field-Based Program

Please read all "Requirements" and "Procedures" (below) prior to accessing the SBEC online web page.

After completion of ALL degree and certification requirements, students must apply for the teaching certificate on-line at the SBEC web page Requirements that must be met prior to filing for certification:

  1. Continued admission and retention in the Teacher Education Program.
  2. Successful completion of all requirements listed on the degree or deficiency plan, including required GPA's and appropriate tests (i.e., ExCET/TExES and TOPT).

Note: Degree must be conferred by the university.

Application Procedures:

  1. Go to SBEC website at (Click on "New User? Create New Account" if you are a first-time user.)
  2. Follow directions on web page to apply for certificate. You are applying for your "Standard" teaching certificate. You have completed a "University-Based" program.
  3. Send appropriate fees to SBEC.
  4. Complete all requirements of the National criminal history background check.

* You will receive an email confirmation from SBEC after the university has completed its recommendation. Please DO NOT call to check status. This can be checked on-line. Once all activities have successfully been performed, SBEC will process the issuing of the certificate. The certificate will be issued and placed on the SBEC website under the "Official Record for Educator Certificates," and a paper certificate will be printed and mailed to the student at the address provided.

Note: Records that are not fully processed within 60 days will be deleted. If deleted, you will be required to file again through SBEC