Alternative Certification Program

What is Alternative Certification?

Alternative certification is a route to obtaining teacher certification for those individuals who have already obtained a bachelor's degree, but did not choose teacher certification as a part of his/her primary degree path. 

Now Admitting Passionate, Dedicated Teacher Candidates!

Texas A&M University-Commerce's Alternative Certification program is uniquely designed for those who have previously earned their bachelor's degree and now seek to make a career transition into the teaching profession. 

The Alternative Certification Program (AC) and the certification portion of the Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification (PBTC) is designed to be able to be completed within a year, and is organized into cohorts.

The Cohort schedules are as follows:

Spring Cohort:
Spring:  RDG 516       EDCI 519    ETEC 524  Observations
Summer I:  EDCI 517
Summer II:  EDCI 514
Fall:  EDCI 515  Clinical Teaching/Internship begin PPR
Deadline for application to begin in Spring:  November 1

Fall Cohort:
Fall:  RDG 516     ETEC 524 or ECE 566  EDCI 517  Observations
Winter-mini (optional):  EDCI 519
Spring:   EDCI 517   EDCI 514  (EDCI 519)
August-mini (optional):  EDCI 519
Fall:  EDCI 515  Clinical Teaching/Internship begin  PPR
Deadline for application to begin in Fall:  June 15

**ECE 566 not being offered in Spring 2017

Important Note:  Teacher candidates must complete a Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT) testing prior to making application to the Graduate School and Alternative Certification(AC)/PBTC programs.  All candidates must pass the content area test and be considered “highly qualified” prior to being admitted into the AC/PBTC program.