Observation - Early Field Experience (EFE)

The goal of the Early Field Experience (EFE) is to help students gain an understanding of the expectations of teachers in a modern society, and make an informed decision on whether or not teaching matches his/her career aspirations.  The State requires each teacher candidate to complete a minimum of 30 clock hours of observation prior to beginning their actual teaching experience and to reflect on the observation experience. 

Once the teacher candidate has been admitted, they will receive a letter of introduction outlining the reason for the letter with the grade and content area the candidate will be seeking certification.  Observations must be completed in a TEA approved school.   Below is the observation log sheet to record your completed hours plus reflection questions.  Both need to be completed and submitted to the Alternative Certification office prior to an internship or clinical/student teaching assignment.

Observation Log

Benefits of Early Field Experience

  1. Early exposure to public school students, teachers, and other school professionals

  2. Highly relevant experiences in a classroom setting

  3. Exposure to the policies, programs, and activities of the school

  4. Extended periods of time in a classroom setting to study classroom organization and management, instructional strategies, curriculum planning, and many other teaching practices and procedures from an experienced public school teacher

  5. Exposure to content curriculum, resources, technology, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) objectives, etc...

  6. Opportunities to study ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity

  7. Opportunity to make a firm decision on whether or not a career in teaching is right for you



First and foremost, the EFE teacher candidate is required to observe the teacher and their students in the classroom setting.  Particular focus should be placed on interaction from teacher-to-student, student-to-teacher, and student-to-student.  You are encouraged to participate in additional activities at the discretion of your assigned teacher(s).   The EFE teacher candidate is expected to continually maintain a professional appearance, social maturity, emotional maturity, effective communication, role modeling, punctuality, receptiveness to coaching and feedback (teachable), initiative and willingness, ethical standards, interest and enthusiasm, cooperation, and motivation.  Please note the teacher verifies the Record of Early Field Experiences log sheet with his or her signature. Each EFE teacher candidate is required to submit a completed Early Field Experience Reflective Observation addressing several facets of the Early Field experience.