Program Cost

Breakdown of Fees :

Application to Graduate School $50.00
Application to Educator Preparation Program $50.00
TX PACT Test Registration Fee $106.00
TExES Content Test Registration Fee Per test  $118.00
Fingerprinting Fee $50.25
TEA Assessment Fee $35.00
Internship Teaching Fee  2 semesters $2,000.00
Clinical/Student Teaching Fee  1 semester $1,000.00
Additional Required Semesters as needed $1,000.00 
Initial Texas Standard Teacher Certificate $78.00
Intern/Probationary Certificate $78.00
Graduation Application Fee $40.00
Tuition--dependent on residency and how many classes taken in a semester

**May change without prior notice

Application fee:  A separate application fee of $50.00 each for the Graduate School and Alternative Certification Program will be charged. This non-refundable fee will cover the application processing. Upon acceptance to the Alternative Certification Program, there will be an additional TEA Assessment Fee of $35.00.

Tuition cost:  Professional development training in the program is obtained through enrollment in university coursework. The approximate cost for University tuition and fees can be found here.Students are billed for tuition and fees by semester.  During fall and spring semesters, a student may elect to pay out their tuition on an installment plan consult Financial Aid Office or the Loan Office 

Installment plans for mini-terms and summer terms are not available. Financial aid or loans may be available if you are pursuing a Master’s degree.  Tuition and fees are subject to change. 

Textbooks: The expense for textbooks cannot be pre-determined.

Teaching Assignment fee: $1000 per semester for each semester a candidate is required to have supervision.  The fees may be paid out in equal monthly installments over the duration of your assignment. The primary reason for the fee is to fund your support system throughout the assignment (i.e. University Field Supervisor, Mentor Teacher). 

Additional expenditures. The candidate will assume additional expenditures such as the cost of registration for TExES (or any other exam required for Texas teacher certification) and certification costs.

TExES..........$118 per test.

Probationary or Intern Certificate (during AC internship) ...................$78.00
National Criminal History Background/Fingerprinting ....................... $50.25
Standard Certificate (after completion of AC) ...................................$78.00

Note: Included in the fee is a $3.00 vendor fee.

Note: All “Additional expenditures” fees are paid directly to the administering agency and are subject to change.