TExES Testing

Certification Exam(s) - All teacher candidates must pass the appropriate teacher certification exam(s) called TExES for the subject and grade level they wish to teach.  For initial certification, this will include a content area exam which is taken through the PACT (Pre Admission Content Test) route/option prior to making application to the PBTC program.  You may access more information and prep material for the TExES test at http://www.tx.nesinc.com/.

NOTE: the TExES exam can also be used for admission into the Graduate School for the master's and teacher certification combined programs.

Once you have completed the required course work you will take a PPR (Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility) TExES exam. This is done towards the end of the program requirements.  The teacher candidate will need authorization from our program staff prior to test registration for the PPR.

NOTE: Once a teacher candidate is Texas certified they may take additional content area certification exams "by exam" without any additional training or EPP approval to add to their initial certification.