Psychology & SpEd Comprehensive Exams

Registration will not be accepted before the first day of the semester you plan to take comps. 

  • Registration/Cancellation 7 days prior  to exam by 5pm. 

  • Contact:

  • *Students must use LeoMail Address

  • ALL EXAMS are administered on the COMMERCE CAMPUS IN HENDERSON 214 Computer Lab, you will need to know your MyLeo login information. 

  • If this is a retake you must send a copy of your approved appeal from the Department and/or Graduate School with registration.

  • Failure to cancel by deadline or no shows to the exams will count as a failed attempt. 

  • The lab can be cold, you may consider bringing a sweater or jacket. 

  • Remember that you will be responding to essay questions, you will be allowed access to Microsoft Word to complete the essay portion of your exam.  However, you will not be allowed to have any other application open during the exam. Consider content and presentation when developing your essays.  Accuracy and completeness are important and your work should be presented in a professional manner.