Diagnostician Practicum

Generally, districts welcome participation by Practicum students fulfilling direct and indirect Psy 691 requirements. Communicate early in your program with district and campus personnel about a tentative time period in which you expect to enroll in Psy 691. Required field-site supervision is provided by a district employee who is a certified educational diagnostician in the State of Texas with a minimum of 3 years full-time post-certification experience. Prior to final approval for Psy 691 enrollment, the field-site placement site is approved by Psy 691 faculty. Enrollment in Psy 691 during your preferred semester is not guaranteed. Admission is based upon numbers of students requesting enrollment each semester and other factors.

All paperwork gets emailed to marlena.fisk@tamuc.edu

SpEd Form 2 v18 Educational Diagnostician Application for Admission to 691 Clinical Practicum

(Notarized agreement will need to be mailed or delivered, the original document is required)

Attn: Marlena Fisk
Binnion 101
PO Box 3011
Commerce, Texas 75428

If you are a student working on a MS/MED with diag cert or your diag cert only and are wanting to complete your practicum Fall 2020, please be aware that the deadline to turn in your application to beth.jones@tamuc.edu (one file/packet) is May 15, 2020. Please remember that you must have completed 572/573/574 with a grade of B or better to enter Practicum. You must also be in your last six hours of coursework (including the 3 hours for Practicum).

No late documents are accepted.

SpEd Diagnostician Practicum Psy 691

Insurance Options (Insurance must indicate coverage of a diagnostician/psychology student, and at least $3million for diagnostician practicum):