Psychology MS

The 36-hour MS program focus on courses in human cognition and research methodology, i.e. educational and experimental psychology. Most of the coursework completed for the master’s degree may be transferred to the PhD program. The thesis option for the MS is available and encouraged, but not required.

We review applications on a rolling, monthly basis, so we have no formal deadlines for admission. We accept new students during fall, spring, and summer terms.

Students can choose from the following two options, both of which are 36 semester hours:
1. Psychology MS Thesis Option: requires six hours of PSY 518 (thesis) and 10 of the below courses.
2. Psychology MS Non-Thesis Option: requires three hours of PSY 595 and 11 of the below courses.

Required Core Courses (30 semester hours)                                                
PSY 505 Intro to Educational Psychology or PSY 511 Cognitive Science      
PSY 509 History & Systems of Psychology
PSY 515 Neuro/Bio Bases of Behavior or PSY 545 Developmental Psychology
PSY 612 Psy Ed Statistics
PSY 681 Intermediate Statistics  
PSY 620 Intro to Human Cognition  
PSY 622 Research Design    
PSY 625 Cognition & Instruction I or PSY 627 Social Cognition                 
PSY 594 Ethical Issues in Organization or PSY 618 Group Dynamics          
PSY 621 Advanced Cognition or PSY 675 Advanced Topics in Educational Psychology

When coursework is completed, all students take a comprehensive exam, described here.