Career & Technical Education Application Requirements

Career & Technical Education Application Requirements

Your first step is to complete an application to the university and a second one to the alternative certification program.  If you currently hold a Bachelor’s degree you would apply to our graduate school here . If you are not pursuing a Master’s degree, then you would choose “Non-Degree” and Educator Certification.  If you are pursuing a Master’s degree, then choose “MS” and your degree choice.  At the end of the application check the box signifying you are pursuing a teaching certification.

If you do not hold a Bachelor’s degree then apply to our undergraduate program here as a transient student and choose “non-degree”. 

Note:  As a non-degree seeking student you are not eligible for financial aid.

  • Complete the Application (Click the hyperlink to access the application.) Once you've completed the application, hit the "submit" button. The confirmation page will appear. You MUST print the confirmation sheet and mail with the following:

    1. Signed Confirmation sheet - Available once you've completed the application.

    2. $50 (non-refundable) processing fee made payable to A&M-Commerce . May pay by credit card when completing application.  (paid to Marketplace).

    3. Completed Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) (click the hyperlink to access the SOQ on the TEA website) See below instructions:

    4. Print legibly with black ink.

    5. If you do not possess a Bachelor’s degree then proof of acceptable Basic Skills (Reading 250 or higher, Math 230, and writing 220). Some substitutions accepted for Math and Writing sections. See below substitutions.

    Course substitutions for TSI/THEA/TASP:  You must request and gain approval to use a substitute for TASP Math or Writing.  A substitute may not automatically be recognized when reviewing transcripts.  You must also send all (official) scores or transcripts directly to the Certification Office.NOTE:  There is no substitution for TSI/TASP Reading.  You may choose to substitute a math course for the TSI/TASP Math of 230 as long as you make, or have made, a “B” or better in the course.  Courses you may substitute are Math 1332 or Math 1333 (College Mathematics at a community college), Math 1314 (College Algebra at a community college)/Math 141 (College Algebra at A&M-Commerce), or Math 1316 (Plane Trigonometry at a community college)/Math 142 (Plane Trigonometry at A&M-Commerce).  You may also choose to substitute English 1301 (Comp I) or English 1302 (Comp II) for the TSI/TASP Writing of 220 provided you make, or have made, a “B” or better in the course.  

    Mail Completed Packet To:
    Texas A&M University-Commerce
    Attn: Teacher Certification
    P.O. Box 3011
    Commerce, TX 75429


    Scan and email to OR fax to 903-886-5156

    Once the Certification Office reviews your packet, you will be notified via email for a time to come to campus for an interview.

    For Additional Information

    University Contact Person:

    Tracey Stedman