Dr. E. Mark Moreno

Assistant Professor
Education: Washington State University, PhD, 2011
Office: Ferguson Social Sciences Building, 118
Phone: 903-886-5216
Email Address: Mark.Moreno@tamuc.edu

Research Interests
Nineteenth-Century Mexico, Literacy and Education, Print Culture, State Formation and National Identity, Race and Ethnicity, World History

Recent Publications
“Los chinacos y la cultura impresa durante la época del Segundo Imperio y después, 1862-1942,” in Repensar el Segundo Imperio. Miradas convergentes desde la literatura, la historia y el arte, Raquel Mosqueda Rivera and Luz América Viveros Anaya, eds. (Mexico City: National Autonomous University of Mexico [UNAM], forthcoming)

“Endangered Liberty: Schooling, Literacy, and the Idea of Progress in the Early Mexican Republic” World History Bulletin XXXIII, no. 2 (Fall 2017)
“Currents of Transatlantic Warfare: The European Revolutions and Martial Culture in Mexico, 1848-1867,” World History Connected 12, no. 1 (Feb. 2015)
The French Intervention: Warfare and the Making of Mexico
(Textbook, Kendall/Hunt Publishing, 2012)

Recent Courses Taught-Undergraduate
Latin America in the Modern Period
Conflict and Revolution in Mexico
Colonial Latin America
The Cold War in Latin America
The Modern World
Latin American and U.S. Latino Studies

Recent Courses Taught-Graduate
Readings in Latin American History
The West and World History
The Mexican Revolution