Dr. E. Mark Moreno

Assistant Professor
Education: Washington State University, PhD, 2011
Office: Ferguson Social Sciences Building, 118
Phone: 903-886-5216
Email Address: Mark.Moreno@tamuc.edu

Research Interests
Nineteenth-Century Mexico; World History; Literacy and Print Culture; State Formation and National Identity; Race and Ethnicity; Warfare and Collective Violence; Chicana/o History

Recent Publications
“Los chinacos y la cultura impresa durante la epoca del Segundo Imperio y después, 1862-1942” (Under review for inclusion in a forthcoming anthology published jointly by the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico [Mexico] and the National Autonomous University of Mexico)

“Currents of Transatlantic Warfare: The European Revolutions and Martial Culture in Mexico, 1848-1867.” World History Connected 12 (February 2015), http://worldhistoryconnected.press.illinois.edu/

The French Intervention: Warfare and the Making of Mexico. Textbook, Kendall/Hunt Publishing, 2012.

Recent Courses Taught-Undergraduate
Latin America in the Modern Period
Colonial Latin America
The Emergence of the Modern World
Imperialism and Revolution
Violence and Ethnic Identities
U.S. History From 1865

Recent Courses Taught-Graduate
Colloquium in Latin American History