Faculty and Staff

Department of Literature and Languages Faculty and Staff contact information.

The Department of Literature and Languages is located at the Hall of Languages (building B16 on the campus map)  

Tabetha Adkins           Office: HL 229                 Phone: 903-886-5269
E-mail: Tabetha.Adkins@tamuc.edu
Salvatore Attardo         Office: HL 306
E-mail: Salvatore.Attardo@tamuc.edu
Flavia Belpoliti             Office: HL 318                 Phone: 903-886-5271
E-mail: Flavia.Belpoliti@tamuc.edu
Bill Bolin                     Office: HL 324                 Phone: 903-886-5272
E-mail: Bill.Bolin@tamuc.edu
Shannon Carter           Office: HL 209                 Phone: 903-886-5492
E-mail: Shannon.Carter@tamuc.edu

Dongmei Cheng           Office: HL 116                 Phone: 903-886-5254
E-mail: Dongmei.Cheng@tamuc.edu
Gerald Duchovnay        Office: HL 326                 Phone: 903-886-5265
E-mail: Gerald.Duchovnay@tamuc.edu

Donna Dunbar-Odom   Office: HL 224                 Phone: 903-886-5264
E-mail: Donna.Dunbar-Odom@tamuc.edu

María Fernández-Lamarque     Office: HL 313       Phone: 903-886-5270
E-mail: Maria.Lamarque@tamuc.edu

Mimi Li     Office: HL 131       
E-mail: Mimi.Li@tamuc.edu

Diana Hines                 Office: HL 113                Phone: 903-468-8734
M. Hunter Hayes           Office: HL 140                Phone: 903-468-8625
Email: Hunter.Hayes@tamuc.edu 
Christian Hempelmann  Office HL 226                 Phone: 903-886-5291
Email: C.hempelmann@tamuc.edu

Kathryn Jacobs             Office: HL 227                Phone: 903-886-5235
E-mail: Kathryn.Jacobs@tamuc.edu
Inma Lyons                 Office: HL 311                 Phone: 903-468-8774
E-mail: Inma.Lyons@tamuc.edu
Jessica Pauszek                Office: HL 305              
Lucy Pickering              Office: HL 308                 Phone: 903-886-5252
E-mail: Lucy.Pickering@tamuc.edu
Robin Reid                  Office: HL 125                 Phone: 903-886-5268
E-mail: Robin.Reid@tamuc.edu
Karen Roggenkamp      Office: HL 315                 Phone: 903-886-5251
E-mail: Karen.Roggenkamp@tamuc.edu
Susan Stewart               Office: HL 314                Phone: 903-468-8624
E-mail: Susan.Stewart@tamuc.edu

Jennifer Boyd                Office: HL 144                Phone: 903-468-3260
E-mail: Jennifer.Boyd@tamuc.edu


Fred Stewart                  Office: Journalism 123           Phone: 903-886-5231
E-mail: Fred.Stewart@tamuc.edu

Sheri Humphries             Office: Journalism 126           Phone: 903-886-5239
E-mail: Sheri.Humphries@tamuc.edu


Tony DeMars     Office: Performing Arts Center 119       Phone: 903-468-8649
J.M. Dempsey                 Office: BA 309                       Phone: 903-886-5345
E-mail: John.Dempsey@tamuc.edu


John Ballotti      Office: Performing Arts Center 128         Phone: 903-886-5432
E-mail: John.Ballotti@tamuc.edu
Stephen Furlich   Office: Performing Arts Center 123        Phone: 903-886-5342
E-mail: Stephen.Furlich@tamuc.edu