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You can access course syllabi by clicking here.

The Celebration of Student Writing

The Celebration of Student Writing is the culminating event for English 1302.  All students enrolled in ENG 1302 are required to participate.  At the event, students display results from their semester-long ethnographic research projects.  The event is held on the last Friday of classes and is well attended by students, faculty, and university administrators.


Spring: Friday, May 4 in the Sam Rayburn Student Center Conference A, B, and C (second floor) 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday sections: 10:00 AM - NOON

Tuesday, Thursday sections: NOON - 2:00 PM 

Grievances with instructors

Students who have concerns regarding their courses should first address those concerns with the assigned instructor in order to reach a resolution. Students who are unsatisfied with the outcome of that conversation or have not been able to meet individually with their instructor, whether in-person, by email, by telephone, or by another communication medium, should then schedule an appointment with the Director of Writing, Dr. Jessica Pauszek, by completing a Student Grievance Form

 Where applicable, students should also consult University Procedure 13.99.99.R0.05 (“Student Appeal of Instructor Evaluation”).

 Departmental Chain of Command for ENG 100/1301/1302 courses: Instructor -> Dr. Jessica Pauszek, Director of Writing -> Dr. Susan Stewart, Assistant Department Head -> Dr. Hunter Hayes, Department Head

Click here to download the University's grade appeal policies and procedures.

Incomplete Policy

The designation of an incomplete grade (an “I”) was created in order to accommodate students who, despite positive performance throughout the semester and for an extenuating circumstance including issues like legal trouble, serious illness, death in the family, et cetera, cannot complete the semester within the fifteen weeks allotted.  Incompletes are given only if these kinds of circumstances present themselves near the end of the semester and whenever a withdraw is not appropriate. 

If an instructor, in conversation with Dr. Pauszek, decides that an Incomplete is appropriate, together the student and teacher should create a contract outlining what the student must complete in order to finish the course successfully, and most importantly, a timeline for completing all requirements.  Instructors should send a copy of this collaborative contract to Dr. Pauszek.

The Writing Center

Hall of Languages 103, 903.886.5280,

The Writing Center offers writers free, one-on-one assistance. They welcome all writers, majors, and disciplines—undergraduate and graduate students alike. In fact, they work from the premise that all writers, no matter their ability level, benefit from the feedback of knowledgeable readers. The Writing Center staff is trained to provide writers with just this service. In short, we are here to help you help yourself.

In order to ensure the most effective session possible, they offer visitors the following suggestions: (1) Get started on your writing project early, and visit the Writing Center at least one day before your final draft is due. You will need time to work with the ideas and suggestions generated in your tutorial sessions. (2) Bring a written copy of your assignment, any relevant readings, and one or two specific questions or concerns you would like to discuss with us.

The Writing Center is located in the Hall of Languages, Room 103 (903-886-5280) and online here.

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