Studies in Children's and Adolescent Literature & Culture

The Department of Literature and Languages offers a Certificate in Studies in Children’s and Adolescent Literature and Culture. The certificate, consisting of 15 hours of graduate study, provides students with a solid foundation for analyzing children’s and adolescent literature and will enhance their understanding of and capacity to teach the cultural, ideological, and historical nature of children’s and adolescent literature in primary, secondary, and post-secondary settings.

The individuals who will most likely be interested in this program include the following: English K-12 educators who are required to engage in graduate work for professional development or who desire to enhance their understanding of the literature produced for their students; post secondary educators who are interested in teaching or initiating courses in children’s and adolescent literature in community college settings; students who already have a graduate degree but would like to further specialize in the study of children’s and adolescent literature and culture; adults who do not necessarily wish to enroll in a traditional graduate program but who nonetheless want to engage in intellectual activities that contribute to their understanding of children’s and adolescent literature and culture.



Please visit this LINK for certificate requirements.

  • Ensure you complete the required coursework for the certificate.
  • Maintain a 3.0 overall GPA.
  • After you complete all the requirements (if you are also enrolled in a graduate program, this may be done before you complete your graduate degree) complete this electronic FORM. This will ensure that the name of the certificate is listed on your official transcripts. The Graduate School will also mail your certificate to the address provided on the above form.



This certificate cannot be completed fully online. Most courses are regularly offered face-to-face in Commerce, TX. Our face-to-face courses typically meet one day a week in the evenings during the Monday-Thursday timeframe.



We do not have an application deadline. 

New Student Graduate Certificate Application Process:

New students applying for a Graduate Certificate: click the Apply Texas application link and complete a Graduate Certificate application. In Apply Texas you will be asked to select your "Major Area of Interest/Specialty." This is where you will select the graduate certificate you wish to pursue.

Current Student Graduate Certificate Application Process: 

Current A&M-Commerce Graduate Students may add a Graduate Certificate to their plan of study by submitting a Graduate Certificate Admission Request Application.

Keep two things in mind about pursuing a graduate certificate:
  • Students only pursuing a certificate are not eligible for financial aid.
  • International students need admission in a graduate program to pursue a certificate.

Considering a Master’s or Doctoral degree? You can earn this certificate in conjunction with your graduate degree! Each course in your certificate will count towards your course requirements in the Master's in English and PhD in English. Other University graduate programs outside of those listed above may also count your certificate coursework towards their degree.



Email your Graduate Recruiter with questions.