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Master of Music

Graduate Student Handbook

The Texas A&M University-Commerce Department of Music presents an exciting option for teachers who want to earn a Masters of Music in Music Education: the TAMU-C Music Education Cohort! Participants will earn a graduate degree in four consecutive summers.

This 30-hour, summers-only program is the first of its kind in North Texas. It was created specifically for full-time teachers. Students will be challenged to develop a greater understanding and mastery of the music teaching-learning processes, to improve personal musicianship, and to become leaders within the music education profession.

The program has two tracks, one for elementary specialists and one for choral directors. There is no track for instrumental specialists at this time.

The program offers a combination of coursework in music education (14 hours), music history, research, philosophy, and theory (14 hours), and performance study opportunities (2 hours). Students also complete an independent study project on a subject of their choice within the realm of elementary or choral music.

What is a cohort?

A cohort program is a fully planned curriculum with a specified starting and ending date. Students are admitted to the program as a group that moves through the program together, taking courses in a planned sequence. Because the program is fully scheduled from the outset, students find it easier to plan ahead and better manage their schedules between work, home, and study.

What are the advantages?

1. In most degree programs, there are only a few courses that must be taken in a particular order. While this gives students flexibility, it also means that students in any given course will be at different stages in the learning process. In a cohort program, faculty members know exactly what courses students in the cohort have taken and in what order. Therefore, the curriculum in a cohort program is more cohesive with stronger links between courses.

2. Most graduate students are full-time music teachers who are studying part-time while working and fulfilling family responsibilities. Sometimes it is difficult for such students to feel as though they are a part of the university's community. However, a cohort provides a strong sense of belonging, and creates a network of support that is invaluable long after the participants complete the program.

3. Because this is a summers-only program, students will be able to assimilate their new learning during the interposing academic years.

What makes this cohort unique?

• No GRE is required for admittance.

• No diagnostic tests in theory or history are required for this program. All cohort students will take “Introduction to Graduate Study” as a refresher course.

• Participants can earn up to 45 CPE hours for each pedagogy class successfully completed.

• Elementary specialists may substitute Orff/Kodály levels course hours for pedagogy classes, even if they were not taken for graduate credit. The levels courses must be approved/accredited by AOSA or OAKE, and must not be over ten years old from the date of your graduation from TAMUC.

• All classes will be held at the Mesquite Metroplex Center in Mesquite, Texas during the month of June.

Please click below for a flyer that outlines the entire process for admittance into the cohort.

Please click here if you are interested in the Elementary Summer Cohort.
Complete the data form.

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Note: There is no summer cohort available for instrumental specialists at this time.