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Student sitting in the music building with his trombone
Front shot of the NEW music building
Jennifer Mendez, student clarinet player
Percussion Ensemble outside of the NEW music building
Luis Sanchez, Piano and Keyboarding Professor

Music with All-Level Teacher Certification B.S.

The Bachelor of Science (BS) music degree, combined with Professional Education requirements, provides students with the information and skills to be a music educator at all levels and prepares them to take the exams for teacher certification in Texas. Though students are prepared to teach instrumental and vocal music at all grade levels, the curriculum allows them to select one of three areas of emphasis: (1) elementary general—preparation for teaching general music in the elementary grades, (2) secondary choral—preparation for organizing and directing choral organizations at the secondary level; or (3) secondary instrumental—preparation for directing bands and orchestras at the secondary level.

Undergraduate Degree Requirement

Bachelor of Science in Music With all-level Certification

University Studies (General Education) 43 credits

Music Core (43 credits)

Professional Courses (21 credits)

Emphasis Area (20 credits)

  • Secondary Instrumental
  • Elementary Instrumental
  • Secondary Vocal
  • Elementary Vocal

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