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Student sitting in the music building with his trombone
Front shot of the NEW music building
Jennifer Mendez, student clarinet player
Percussion Ensemble outside of the NEW music building
Luis Sanchez, Piano and Keyboarding Professor

I.Piano Program Application

Application : 

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II. Musical Information:

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Private teacher's Name(s):

List musical accomplishments (including extra-curricular performing experience, community, etc.):

Do you play any other instrument(s)?

If yes, which instruments?

Have you studied music theory?

If yes, for how long?

III. Other Information:

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Academic Major:  

If a college music major, which area will you emphasize?

Have you applied to Texas A&M-University-Commerce?
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Other information or interests of which you would like us to be aware of:

IV. Audition Plans:

I would like to request an alternative audition date

Rank the following audition dates in order of preference:

February 23, 2019  

March 09, 2019  

March 16, 2019  

Title(s) and Composer(s) of audition piece(s)if known at this time: