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Filip Wiecko

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Education: Ph.D., Washington State University, 2009
Office: Ferguson Hall, Social Sciences Bldg., Rm 204
Phone: 903-886-5493
Email: filip.wiecko@tamuc.edu

Research Interests

Criminology; Quantitative Methods; Drug Policy; Public Opinion; History of Criminal Justice

Recent Publications:

Journal Articles

Wiecko, Filip M., & Jacinta M. Gau. 2010. “Hell hath no fury: A gender-dichotomized analysis predicting pro-life/pro-death penalty attitudes.” Journal of Religion and Society 12: The Kripke Center ISSN 1522-5658.

Wiecko, Filip M., & Jacinta M. Gau. 2008. “Every life is sacred…kind of: Uncovering the sources of seemingly contradictory public attitudes toward abortion and the death penalty.” Social Science Journal 45:546-564.

Wiecko, Filip M., & Hasan Buker. 2007. “Are causes of police stress global?: Testing the effects of commons police stressors on the Turkish National Police.” Policing An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management 30:291-309.

Recent Courses Taught-Undergraduate:

Introduction to Criminal Justice
Courts and Criminal Procedures
Crime and Criminology
Drugs and Society
Introduction to Social Research
Intermediate Methods of Sociological Analysis

Recent Courses Taught-Graduate:

Drugs and Society
Data Analysis in Social Research
Seminar in Criminology
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