graduate certificates


The department offers three graduate certificates in criminal justice:
  • Criminal Justice Management

  • Criminal Justice Studies

  • Homeland Security



These certificates are designed for students and working professionals that want to increase their knowledge and develop competencies in the areas of criminal causality, criminal law, police management, policy, correctional settings, and/or national security. 

Who is eligible? –Any applicant who has successfully completed an Undergraduate program (any discipline) from a fully accredited college or university.


All courses are available 100% online and each course is five (5) weeks in length.

Criminal Justice Management

This certificate is designed to attract student practitioners seeking to advance within the decision making, leadership roles within their field, and the courses will focus on management and policy issues. This certificate would specialize in management issues such as evaluating, planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordination, reporting, and budgeting. 

Twelve (12) hours of the following courses:

CJ 520 Criminal Justice Administration and Management (3 hrs)
CJ 577 Criminal Justice Planning and Evaluation (3 hrs)
CJ 583 Criminal Justice Policy (3 hrs)
CJ 597 Special Topics (3 hrs)

Criminal Justice Studies

This certificate is designed for someone who seeks to gain general knowledge in the field ad who are seeking a broad understanding, whether they are new to concepts in criminal justice or are currently working in the criminal justice field.  The flexibility of this certificate would allow students a great deal of latitude in customizing their courses to suit their professional interest.

Twelve (12) hours chosen from the following:

CJ 501 Seminar in Policing and Law Enforcement (3 hrs)
CJ 530 Seminar in Criminology (3 hrs)
CJ 531 Issues in Criminal Law and Courts (3 hrs)
CJ 568 Seminar in Corrections (3 hrs)
CJ 597 Special Topics (3 hrs)

Homeland Security

This certificate  is designed to attract members outside the traditional criminal justice field.  It is designed to give students a broad understanding of homeland security issues and to enhance leadership capabilities among those who currently work in local, state, and federal government and others who are interested in gaining greater knowledge about the field of homeland security. The student would be  introduced to homeland security concepts, applicable management principles, policy analysis, and enhance critical leadership skills necessary to successfully address security challenges within the United States. 

Twelve (12) hours chosen from the following:

CJ 505 Terrorism (3 hrs)
CJ 597 Intro to Homeland Security (3 hrs)
CJ 597 Red Teaming (3 hrs)
CJ 597 Counterintelligence (3 hrs)
CJ 597 Special Topics (advisor approval) (3 hrs)



We do not have an application deadline. New students applying for a graduate certificate should click the Apply Texas application link and complete a Graduate Certificate application. In Apply Texas you will be asked to select your "Major Area of Interest/Specialty." This is where you will select the graduate certificate you wish to pursue.

Keep two things in mind about pursuing a graduate certificate:

  • Students only pursuing a certificate are not eligible for financial aid.
  • International students need admission in a graduate program to pursue a certificate.


  • Application
  • Application Fee $50 domestic/$75 international
  • Official Bachelor’s Transcripts
  • Additional items required for international students


Upon completion of the certificate program, the 12 hours earned will count toward a Master of Science in Applied Criminology (MSAC) and, at that point, newly declared graduate students can qualify to lock in their tuition rates for Two (2) years.