Mock Trial

Mock Trial

Students who enroll in CJ 430 Courts and Criminal Procedure must participate in a Mock Trial. Mock trial participation is optional for students in CJ 431 Criminal Law.

The Mock Trial participants will begin with an investigation, proceed to research the evidence and prepare a case for trial.  Groups will be randomly selected by the professor and each group is given a hypothetical case to litigate.  This is a major project and requires substantial out of class work.

The Kristen Nicole Stevens Mock Trials, an experiential learning exercise, sponsored by the Courts and Criminal Procedure class of the Sociology and Criminal Justice Department are scheduled on announced dates each semester in the Traditions Room of the Sam Rayburn Student Center. The time is 12:30-1:45 pm.

These Mock trials are dedicated to the memory of Kristen Stevens, an outstanding 2013 TAMUC graduate and criminal justice and sociology major who passed away August 30, 2015.

All are invited to attend.

Kristen Nicole Stevens Mock Trials - Second of Four Student-Led Trials
November 3, 2015
Pictures from this trial can be seen at the above link.

Mock Trial Presentation - March 26, 2015

Mock Trial April 24, 2014
Jury Trial
prosecuting attorney
defense lawyer
cross examination of the witness
questioning the witness on the stand
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