Travel Policy and Calendar

Support for Faculty Travel from the Dean's Discretionary Funds:

These guidelines pertain to funds that support professional travel for tenure-track and tenured faculty only. Please note that travel funds are also available through individual departments.

  • Travel requests will be screened five times during the  academic year: the last working day of the months of September, November, January, and March, and the Friday of the last week of classes in the Spring term (before finals week). Requests that are not funded in one review will be considered in the next review along with new requests.
  • Faculty may make more than one request, but no one individual will receive more than $700 from the dean's discretionary travel funds for the academic year. Individuals who have not received travel money earlier in the year will be given precedence over individuals requesting a second trip.
  • Funding will be available only for conference registration, hotels, and airfare/travel, not for membership fees, meals or other per diem expenses.
  • Statewide, national, and international trips will be given equal weight in the selection process.
  • Faculty who participate in scholarly activities such as refereed art exhibits and music recitals will be given the same consideration as those participating in traditional academic conferences;
  • If requests for support significantly exceed funds available, priority will be given to untenured faculty.
  • Funding priorities are the following for all tenured and tenure-track faculty:
  1. faculty presenting a paper at an out-of-state national or international conference (max. $700);
  2. faculty presenting a paper at an in-state national or international conference (max.$500);
  3. faculty organizing a panel or hosting a session (max. $300);
  4. miscellaneous requests such as those to attend discipline meetings or conferences (max. $200). These requests will be considered only in the May review. In general, departments will need to fund these activities themselves.

In order to apply for these funds, submit your Travel Authorization, supporting documentation, and the Travel Checklist prior to the deadlines shown above.

When submitting claim for reimbursement of expenses, original receipts must be attached to the travel voucher form.