Liberal Studies Core Courses

Four core courses integrate concepts and develop skills for the Liberal Studies major. These classes are described below:

  • CAS 300 Introduction to Liberal Studies. Three Semester Hours. An introduction to interdisciplinary study and the Liberal Studies major. Through readings in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences, students will develop an appreciation and understanding of disciplinary perspectives. Emphasis on learning how to conduct efficient and effective information searches. Students will develop an Individual Education Plan.
  • CAS 310 Methods of Discovery. Three Semester Hours. Students will explore and apply a variety of investigative methodologies. Emphasis on the application of advanced reading, thinking, and writing skills to a team-based study of complex problems.
  • CAS 320 Theories of Interdisciplinary Study. Three Semester Hours. Investigation of an interdisciplinary subject area utilizing careful reading and analysis of interdisciplinary writings. Emphasis on making connections across disciplines and designing and completing a personal research project.
  • CAS 400 Liberal Studies Senior Seminar. Three Semester Hours. This course provides each student in the Liberal Studies Program with opportunities for making connections among his or her concentration, support fields, other educational experiences, and possible careers. A project reflecting a sound application of research methods, analytical frameworks, or performance criteria and a learning outcomes learning assessment will also be required. Must be taken in final semester.

The Concentration and Complementary Field

Students select a concentration (at least 20 hours) in either one of the three interdisciplinary fields (Child and Family Studies, Global and Multicultural Issues, and Ways of Seeing and Knowing) or one of the traditional disciplines represented by the College of Arts and Sciences. Students may also select courses for the related or complementary field (at least 12 hours) from either the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business and Technology, or the College of Education and Human Services. Courses available from these colleges are listed in the Texas A&M University-Commerce Undergraduate Catalog.