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Student sitting in the music building with his trombone
Front shot of the NEW music building
Jennifer Mendez, student clarinet player
Percussion Ensemble outside of the NEW music building
Luis Sanchez, Piano and Keyboarding Professor

Instrumental Study


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Pride of the Court Basketball Band

Instrumental study at Texas A&M University-Commerce combines the best of both the music education and performance worlds. Our faculty members are enthusiastic, experienced and interested in seeing our students succeed. Each student is an individual, and each student’s experience is tailored to his or her personal and professional music goals. While there is a healthy sense of competition for the top spots in the ensembles, at the end of the day, each student relies on their colleagues in striving for artistic excellence and musical growth together. 

Our Goals

The curriculum is structured to develop each student’s fullest potential. Whether it is becoming a specialist on their instrument or in developing the unique skills to become a future music educator, each student is taught according to the highest musical standards. Our overall goal is to see our students develop their love of music into a finely honed set of skills and abilities. The complete student is the intended result, combining the best of music performance, pedagogy, theory, history and disciplined practice.

Personal Attention

With approximately 275 music majors, the music department offers a low student-faculty ratio, small classes and frequent one-on-one instruction. Every student works closely with his or her own mentor, a faculty member who serves as that student’s artistic and academic advisor.